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401K Creamery & Meats
401K Creamery and Meats retails Georgia dairy products and gourmet meats with home and business deliveries.
Phone: 912-294-5359
Odum, Georgia
Gilliard Farms
At Gilliard Farms, we work with the earth to provide wholesome, organic produce for tables across our region. For us, organic farming is not a trend but rather a tastier way of balancing your nutritional needs with the needs of the environment. Our commitment to providing the finest quality produce is our way of making healthier, safer and affordable options available to everyone. "As a chef, the quality of the food I prepare and present has always been of utmost importance. As farmers, Althea and I invest all that we can into producing extraordinary food that nurtures the body and the being. At Gilliard Farms, we extend our passion for eating well to and beyond our surrounding community, knowing that with their strong support we can do anything." ~ Matthew Raiford Gilliard Farm is a real place — a working, active, productive family farm dedicated to bringing wholesome organic food to your table. The history behind the farm means we are deeply invested and connected. Get to know us a bit more:
Phone: 912.342.2742
163 Florines Way
Brunswick, GA 31523
Hendrix Farms Produce
Hendrix Farms began in 1976 when R.E. Hendrix, founder and owner grew his first Vidalia Onion. The distributing company, Hendrix Produce Inc. started in 1986 as a produce distributor of Vidalia Onions and has continued to grow and sell fresh produce to America’s largest food retailers. Hendrix Produce is a proud family-owned business operated by R.E. Hendrix and his son, Kevin Hendrix. Hendrix Produce has 850 acres of Vidalia Onions and 175 acres of watermelons on its Metter, Georgia farm. Hendrix Produce also distributes and sells onions from all over the eastern hemisphere including Peruvian Onions, Mexican Onions, Texas Onions, and Western Sweet Onions. Hendrix Produce recently began an organic line of Vidalia Onions on its South Georgia Farm. At Hendrix Produce, the grading and packing equipment is state-of-the-art with careful production planning and constant monitoring in our controlled atmosphere storage building allowing us to grow and distribute the best onions around. Our storage building can hold 160,000 forty-pound boxes of onions and enables us to ship market-fresh and climate controlled onions for several months throughout the year. Hendrix Produce also has a line of condiments that are sold year around including Vidalia Onion relishes, sauces, dressings, and salsas.
Toll Free Phone: 800-752-1551
P.O. Box 145
Metter, GA 30439
Sweet Vidalia Onions
America’s Favorite Sweet Onion Welcome to the Official Home of Vidalia Onions, not just America’s Favorite Sweet Onion but the Pioneer of All Sweet Onions. In Georgia, we’re very proud of our famous seasonal treat. We’ve come a long way since the accidental discovery of the Vidalia onion variety in the 1930s. While still hand planted and hand harvested, you no longer have to travel to South Georgia each spring and summer to purchase this flavorful, mild onion. You can still Order Vidalias or Order Vidalia Products by mail, but now Georgia’s Official State Vegetable is available annually from late April through mid September in grocery stores across the country. Just remember, there’s a reason Vidalias are so sweet, and… If it says Vidalia, you know it’s the Original Sweet Onion only from Georgia
Phone: 912-537-1918
Fax: 912-537-2166
100 Vidalia Sweet Onion Drive
Vidalia, Georgia 30474
Tropical Treasures
Welcome With the love of finding unique treasures during his frequent travels, Wayne DuBois created our line known as Tropical Treasures. With beautiful designs inspired by such exotic landscapes including the Carolina lowcountry, itself, in addition to the tropical seas abroad, each piece is as exotic and distinct as those lush sceneries that inspired their creation. In the early 1990's their business travels sent Wayne Dubois and his business partner Karen on frequent trips to the Europe, Mexico and ultimately South East Asia. They both shared a love of finding unique items indigenous to those areas, and so began their obsession of collecting special "treasures" on their adventures. They would spend hours roaming the local markets to find that "must have" or "one of a kind" item. It was an on-going search for the unusual and unique. On one particular trip to South East Asia, on which Karen was unable to accompany him, Wayne went in search of a gift for his absent friend. He was introduced to a local silversmith, and it was here that he found the perfect present. "Wearable art" created from silver and shells, an unusual and unique treasure that would take her breath away. It is now 2006 and Wayne has moved to Charleston SC. He wanted an adventure, something new to dabble in, and his first thoughts drifted to creating jewelry. Tropical Treasures was born in the modest dwelling of his own garage in Charleston SC. Wayne was inspired by his many trips to Southeast Asia, and the local silversmith. He wanted to recreate that "wearable art"; the jewelry with a special WOW factor. From that passion and inspiration Tropical Treasures Jewelry was created. The only venue at that time to display and sell his art was the local Charleston open-air market. The same setting in which he had become accustomed to finding his own treasures throughout the years. Another local merchant upon seeing the unique designs encouraged Wayne to become a wholesaler. Broaden the reach so others would be able to purchase his wonderful creations. The local merchant just happened to own a jewelry store, and purchased several pieces to sell. Alas the Tropical Treasure line had found its first retail home.
Phone: 912-265-7831
136 Old Jesup Rd
Brunswick GA 31520
Wild Georgia Shrimp
THE GEORGIA SHRIMP ASSOCIATIONIS A NON-PROFIT organization representing the shrimp industry on the Atlantic coast of Georgia since the late 1970's. The primary goal of GSA is to prevent the deterioration of our local shrimp industry and be an active voice regarding regulations and other issues that may effect our industry In 2004, in an effort to promote our industry, GSA created the Wild Georgia Shrimp (WGS) marketing program. This program has educated consumers about the attributes of WGS compared to pond raised imported shrimp. We realized that tourist were coming to the coast assuming they were being served local shrimp, but unfortunately very few restaurants were serving local shrimp. With the cooperation of our shrimp boats, unloading facilities, processing plants and distributors, such as Sysco Food Service, we were able to produce, market and distribute a quality product that meets the high standards set forth by our Certification Program.
Contact: John Wallace Marketing Director
Phone: 912-270-0437
237 Fort King George Drive
Darien , GA 31305